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concrete batching plant PLD aggregate batcher introduction


concrete batching plant PLD series is an auto bathing equipment matched with concrete mixer. It can complete the batching task with 2-4 sorts of aggregates include sand, stone, cement, etc. according to the ratio set up by user’s.

Executive standard: GB10172.
This series batching plant adopt electric weighing, micro computer control, digital display, wire remote, and have the features of accurate weighing and high batching accuracy, fast speed, strong controllability, and it’s easy to operate, press one key to start..

This series batching plant matched with different concrete mixer can set up different combined type concrete mixing plant, which only cost 1/3 of standard mixing plant, and have advantages of easily moved, which supposed to be the ideal equipment for producing good concrete on site.
PLD series includes: PLD800, PLD800S, PLD1200, PLD1600, etc. Each batching plant (exclude PLD800S) matched with two-way conveyor can meet the needs of two concrete mixers with only one batching plant.


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