YHZS35 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

  • Capacity: 35m3/h
  • Max Aggregate Size: 60/80 mm
  • Discharging Height: 3800 mm
  • Total Power: 60KW
  • Total Weight: 18Ton
  • Total Dimensions: 14500×4050×7600 mm

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■ Specifications

■ Description of YHZS35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:
This series of mixing plant adopts the semi-pulling structure with running system and standard coupling pin included. It can be dragged by trailer. Without foundation and commissioning enables convenient transportation, the mixing plant can be divided into several standard modules, and then be packed into containers.
■ Features of YHZS35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:
1 "double composite spiral band" host using iron-chromium alloy wear-resistant materials, its shape and surface are with high shock resistance mechanical strength, good wear-resisting property, its center is with good toughness! Proper working life is 50,000 pots, a substantial increase in product life!
2. The whole plant uses automatic control systems, Siemens PLC, Schneider Electric components, computers and printing integration, simple operation, easy to debug.
3. Pneumatic system is with Taiwan Fusheng well-known air compressor, providing sufficient air supply for the entire concrete mixing plant.
4. Weighing system adopts international famous brands, weighing accuracy and sensitivity to ensure the quality of concrete.
5. Using section structure, unit modulation, fast installation and debugging and moving is very convenient.

■ Technical Data
Model YHZS35
Capacity 35m3/h
Max. dragging speed: 40km/h
Discharging height 1700mm
After-sale service Erection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty 12 months after erection
Concrete mixer Model & Quantity JS750 Concrete Mixer, 1 unit
Discharging volume 750L
Charging volume 1200L
Mixing cycle 75s
Max. mixing size 80/60mm
Aggregate batching machine Model & Quantity PLD1200, 1 unit
Storage bins quantity 2 or 4 sorts
Aggregate scale hopper 1200L
Aggregate feeding to mixer by Skirt Belt conveyor
Measurement precision ±2%
Weighing system Principle & Quantity Force sensor, 1 set
Water weighing precision ±1%
Cement weighing precision ±1%
Additive weighing precision ±1%
Control system Type Quantity Computer auto-control, 1 set
Control panel board Buttons, lights, meters, etc
Control panel board Buttons, lights, meters, etc
Electric components Relays, contactors, etc
Control cabin Size & Quantity ≈6m2, 1 unit
Air conditioner 1 unit, Optional parts
Computer with control software 1 unit
Industrial monitor system Optional parts
Uninterrupted Power Supply (U.P.S) Optional parts
High-pressure air system Quantity 1 set
Air compressor 0.6MPa
Oil-water separator 1 unit
Solenoid valve 1 set
Documentation 1 set
Spare Parts 1 set
Operation Guide 1 unit
Maintenance Guide 1 unit
Electrical Diagram 1 unit
Cement storage and feeding system Optional parts
Screw conveyor diameter 219/273mm
Cement silo capacity 30t/50t/60t/80t/100t
Dragging chassis 1 set
Drag rod 1 unit
Leading steering 1 unit
Front/Back axle & shock absorption 1 set
Outrigger 1 set

(Parameter is changed without prior notice.)

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