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How to Promote the Construction Industry Development


From the perspective of China's current situation, within the 3-5 years, concrete mixing plant equipment and processing industry is the most striking force of machinery and food processing industries. These two industries, enterprises large number and distribution-intensive, behind industrial grade, disconnected from supply of production capacities and technology; the second is the choice of investment and financing is not turned on. Those two breakthroughs could lead China's manufacturing sector as a whole follow up, and the technological transformation of enterprises, upgrade input, has a very good role model. More important is that the two industries increased enough to make the initiative in China's industrial output increased considerably.
Concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturing industry in China is huge and the quality is not high, in addition to major project monopolized by state-owned enterprises, and most importantly village ignition, lights everywhere, and scattered industrial distribution, industrial division-disorder. Around the cut-throat competition, highly repetitive and industry chain fracture, the value chain is damaged by the disjoint of industrial chain.
From the perspective of industrial economics, all sectors of the upstream and downstream industry chain that is product division of decomposition and division of the value of the value premise, the industrial chain is not clear, the value will outflow, within the industry and products division of upstream and downstream products, reducing resource consumption and achieve complementarities within the same chain.
Concrete mixing plant equipment industry can achieve rapid development of major causes, benefited from two points. One is the recent rapid expansion of China's investment in capital construction over the past decade. The other is enterprise's own industrial upgrading.
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