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Accident about concrete mixer truck



    Since the beginning of last year, many concrete truck accidents have repeatedly seen. As a manufacturer of concrete mixing station, we are very familiar with concrete truck, but to concrete truck accident prone or very seriously, so in the end is what makes concrete truck accidents so frequent it?
By researching the manufacturers of concrete truck, we know that itself is very heavy pulling its own weight 3 side rear axle front axle 3.2T + 1.092T, not to mention the eight parties, 9 square, 12 square cement tanker, and in plus the weight of the cement itself, can be imagined, a cement tanker in the upper right zips, its weight, its inertia in the end how much, how much harm there.
    In addition, the body center of cement tanker is higher. In the process of moving to prevent the carrying cement solidification, the truck must be to make scrolling through a reducer, and the tank keeps shaking. If the vehicle speed is higher when cornering, accident is easy to happen.
     So Bona concrete mixing station manufacturers appealed concrete mixer truck drivers while driving on the road we must control the speed, driving observe, head of security for themselves and for others.


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