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About concrete mixing station environmental requirements



Concrete mixing station’s setting up requires consolidation by and bye . And for concrete mixing station, it is important not only production and safe operation, the environment is also particularly important. Concrete mixing makes noise and choking air when working in progress. Therefore, when establishing concrete mixing station, concrete mixing station environment is particularly important.
Concrete mixing station usually is built on the outskirts of the city, or the middle of nowhere. Thus when it works, Noise emitted does not affect the lives of others. There is also the problem of air. There should be a raw material for the production of sand and gravel, so vehicular traffic will cause a lot of dust. Pay attention to the ground above the sprinkler control air in usual time. Meanwhile in the work process equipment also add dust control system to ensure clean environment throughout the production process.
Only in this way, concrete mixing station established will not cause great distress to the community, the staff. When establishing the mixing station. Please must pay attention to these aspects.


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