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How to Prolong the Service Life of Concrete Mixer


 Influenced by materials, technology, aging parts and human factors, the concrete mixer will appear various failures inevitably during operation. However, if you can analyze the cause correctly, and take effective action to minimize the damage, you can prevent mechanical failure effectively and prolong the service life of concrete mixer.

Protection of Concrete Mixing Plant:
First, lubricate mixing plant regularly according to the instruction of mixing plant maintenance and lubrication periodic table. Frequently check whether the mixer blade and liner are loose; regularly adjust the gap between blades and liner; and make appropriate replacement according to the wear. All wire lines should be protected properly to prevent being crushed or bruised during work. Check the split gear and tightness of belt regularly to avoid skidding wear.
With the development of materials science and design technology, the concrete mixer adopts a lot of new technologies, new materials, and new structures to make the machine works more perfectly and minimize the failure rate. However, the maintenance of equipment is indispensable.
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