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How to Choose and Distinguish Concrete Batching Plant


 According to the operate mode of project, concrete batching plant is divided into fully automatic one and semi-automatic one. So there are some users asking the differences of them. Which one is more suitable for me? We will introduce them to you!

The main difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic concrete batching plant is the control system. The corollary equipment of concrete batching plant is basically the same. Fully automatic concrete batching plant adopts fully automatic control system, while semi-automatic concrete batching plant uses centralized control system.
Are there any differences between different control systems of concrete batching plant?
1. The rated production efficiency of concrete batching plant is same. The only difference is the operate mode. Fully automatic control system means when you click the button, the material will automatically unloaded into the screw conveyor from cement silo. Then the material is evened by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper. The material is discharged into the concrete mixer automatically. The entire production process is finished automatically when you click the button. It is very easy to operate and very suitable for small mixing plant. 
2. Centralized control system will not be so simple. It is operated step by step. For example, when you want to load the material, you need to click the loading button. Then the material will be transported to the weighing hopper automatically. When you discharge the material, you need to click the discharging button. The material will be unloaded into blender automatically. The centralized control system needs more people to operate.
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