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Some Tips about Concrete Mixing Plant


 We tend to ignore a lot of details, which often determine success or failure. As the saying goes, everything starts from small thing. If we do little things well, the whole thing will be very good. So is concrete mixing plant. There are a lot of small details to notice during the production process, and these small details are related to the level of production quality. So today, Zhengzhou Bona Enterprise Co Ltd will supplement some knowledge about concrete mixing plant in following article. Bona Enterprise is dedicated to producing the best quality concrete mixing plant. 

Lay down the legs; if necessary, fix a wood under the leg. Turn the adjusting screw, so that the tire leaves ground. Remove the draw bar, and adjust the machine chassis to horizontal position. Check if there is enough lubrication oil in the reducer and gear box, and add enough lubrication oil to lubrication point by oil gun. Make sure that hand motor belt rotates quickly without binding phenomenon. After completing above inspection items, you can make a trial run. Start up and wait until the motor run normally, pull the total clutch. First run the empty machine for 2-3 minutes, and observe if the stirring drum rotates normally. Only when the hopper and discharging door are flexible, the machine can start work. Repair and maintenance are strictly prohibited, but to ensure the clean of concrete mixing plant, the machine must be cleaned after each use, so that the machine's service life will get longer.
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