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How to Protect Concrete Batching Plant


 It’s known to all users that concrete batching plant can not be placed for a long time. Otherwise it will be solidified. So we have to clean up and do some protection work. Weekly check steps of commodity concrete batching plant are as follows.

1. Check the wire rope. You’d better place some butter on the wire rope weekly to guarantee it runs completely. If the wire rope is worn badly, it needs to be replaced timely. Check the oil level of gearbox and see its number of concentrated oil pump. If necessary, please replace the oil.
2. Keep the water supply system of concrete batching plant clean to prevent its being blocked. Check and clean suction valve regularly.
3. Check whether the switch is loose and ensure that it can not be loose.
4. Check the main engine of concrete batching plant. Whether the blade, connecting bolts of support arm are loose. Adjust the gap of blade and cylinder wall. The maximum gap is 5mm. make sure it is tightened.
5. The wire of each motor, electrical components should not be loose. Check the situation of exchange contactor. 
6. The distribution box of commodity concrete batching plant should be cleaned. The limit switch should be dry, and concrete mixer is in unscrewed state. You’d better check it weekly. If you don’t use the device for a long-term, then please place it properly. 
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