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Constitution of Concrete Batching Plant is Not so Complicated



Constitution of concrete batching plant is not so complicated. It only consists of seven parts, namely, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, centralized control system, weighing system, cement silo and so on. For a good concrete batching plant, it’s critical to have a good concrete mixer. Concrete mixer is a cylindrical annular space, in which cement, large sand, and gravel are mixed. When it works, the mixing arm rotates at high speed. In order to ensure flexibility of this machine, we can observe inside situations through observation hole. Wear-resistant alloy liner barrel increases wearing degree of this machine.

The installation details of concrete batching plant:
1. Users should check all equipment and tools before installing concrete batching plant. Check whether they are complete and whether there are security risks before running setup;
2. Pay attention to safety problem. Every employee must be equipped with a safety tools. Regardless of lifting any device of concrete batching plant must ensure that there are no people below it. There must be professional personnel when lifting materials;
Note above security measures before installing concrete batching plant;


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