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The Whole Equipment of Commodity Concrete Mixing Plant


 In recent years, the industry of concrete mixing plant has developed rapidly. So have the large-scale projects. As the large-scale project starts, market demand for concrete has grown. So whether concrete mixing plant planning is reasonable or not will affect its productivity and future management.

Commercial concrete mixing plant refers to “one station and three cars”, which is the main equipment of commodity concrete machinery. 
One station is concrete mixing plant. It completes the work of pretreating raw materials (not all), supplying, metering and mixing, etc. It is controlled by a computer usually.
Three cars means concrete truck, which is used for transporting concrete to construction zone horizontally; concrete pump or pump, which is used for transporting concrete to pouring locations; bulk cement trucks, which is used for transporting bulk cement to cement silo of mixing ( station ) from cement industry.


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