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the Quality Requirements of JZC350 Concrete Mixer


 A qualified JZC350 concrete mixer needs a lot of conditions. We will explain these conditions in detail!

For the feeding mechanism of JZC350 concrete mixer, it must be safe and reliable. If the hopper overloads, concrete mixer can also brake in any position. After braking, the falling speed of hopper shall not exceed 10 mm per second! For feeding mechanism of centralized drive, the upper point needs to be stopped to enhance the safe devices. For feeding mechanism of separate driving, both the upper and lower point needs to be provided with automatic stopping device. Only by doing this, the hopper is able to run smoothly!
For the sealing performance of JZC350 concrete mixer, the whole water supply system should not leak water. The valve should have a good sealing performance. It can continue to work when the pump stops working for 30 minutes. 
In terms of its appearance, the paint must be uniform, smooth, and glossy.  The appearance must look beautiful!


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