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How to Maintain Cement Silo of Concrete Mixing Plant


 Cement silo is auxiliary equipment of commodity concrete mixing plant. The safe use of it plays an important role in commodity concrete mixing plant. Next we will introduce how to maintain cement silo of concrete mixing plant.

Cement silo consists of lower arch breaker (to prevent caking powder); upper bedusting equipment (to prevent dust leakage and smooth powder discharging); level sensing devices (grasp the use of materials). It also includes steel warehouse, ladders, fence, feeding tubes, pressure relief valve, discharge valve, etc. If you want last the service life of cement silo, you need to ensure the steel warehouse is in good condition. Besides, you need to ensure various components of cement silo are in good condition.
In order to make it work well, you need to pay more attention routine maintenance work. Because bedusting discharging rate is also important. Next we will introduce you how to maintain cement silo:
Open the valve Every 4 to 5 hours to clean out collected dust. You can install an automatic pneumatic valve controlled by software operating system of concrete plant. In order to discharge dust, you need to open it regularly according to actual situation.


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