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How to Distinguish the Quality of Concrete Batching Plant


 Concrete batching plant is widely used in infrastructure construction. Many users just know how to use concrete batching plant. However, they don't know how to distinguish the quality of concrete batching plant.

Concrete batching plant is composed of several main components. So long as these main parts are good, then this concrete batching plant is not bad.
1. If the concrete mixer is equipped with self-loading mixing drum, then its discharging tube should not exceed 1% of inletting tube. You should also check the steel quality of shaker and screen size;
2. The operation of transmission system should be flexible without abnormal noise;
3. Conveyor, bucket elevator and other transmission equipment should transmit materials smoothly and run flexibly without abnormal noise;
4. It is also very important to check metering system. You need to check the sensitivity and measurement accuracy of the system;
5. The temperature of reducer should also be paid attention. It should reach the required temperature of licensed book;
6. Measuring hopper need to discharge materials smoothly;
7. The valve should not appear leakage;
8. Cement silo is qualified;
9. The installation of supporting line should be reasonable; and the installation of equipment should be correct.


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