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Supporting equipment of cement brick machine


The hydraulic cement brick machine system adopts advanced hydraulic components, and the pump station components jointly designed with Japan Youyan and Germany Rexroth can realize continuous normal operation. Adding a manipulator to the cement brick machine can realize full-automatic operation, which not only improves the output, but also reduces the input of manpower. Moreover, the brick machine can produce standard brick, porous brick, blind hole brick, square brick, block and other products only by easily changing the mold. It is a high-tech product with one machine for multiple purposes and reducing the investment cost.

PLD batching machine is an automatic batching device matched with mixer. PLD series batching machine adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control and digital display. It has correct weighing, batching accuracy, fast speed and strong control function. It can automatically complete the batching program of 3 ~ 6 kinds of materials such as sand, stone and cement according to the concrete ratio designed by the user. The auxiliary equipment of cement brick machine PLD batching machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system and electrical system. The feeding system is an important part of PLD batching machine. It can transport various aggregates to the weighing hopper for weighing and batching. Weighing system is the main component of PLD batching machine, which determines the batching accuracy of various aggregates. The automation of PLD batching machine not only greatly solves the labor productivity, reduces the physical labor of workers, but also contributes to the rapid development of real estate industry.
The mixer, the supporting equipment of cement brick machine, has the advantages of stable operation, low energy consumption, compact structure, reliable transmission, light weight and high production efficiency. It can mix plastic, dry and hard, mobile concrete, lightweight aggregate and mortar. During operation, it can mix plastic and semi-dry concrete by forward mixing and reverse discharging. Combined with batching machine, it can form small and medium-sized mixing plant, and the unloading is rapid and clean; Convenient maintenance, time and labor saving and beautiful appearance; High production efficiency.
The supporting equipment of cement brick machine, brick holding machine, adopts the overall frame of all steel structure, with high strength, which can meet the needs of users. The clamping arm of the brick holding machine is designed according to the force, which is firm and reliable, has large clamping force, large number of clamping and long service life. The use of the equipment can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and reduce the damage rate of products on the premise of improving the loading and unloading rate. The brick holding machine has flexible design and can be installed on any spreader.
The full-automatic brick stacking machine, which is the supporting equipment of cement brick machine, is suitable for automatic stacking of primary and secondary brick. The full-automatic brick stacking machine adopts advanced PLC centralized control, variable frequency control for walking and rotation, hydraulic control for lifting and clamping blank, and digital technology for slab splitting. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, simple maintenance, low cost and reliable operation, The automatic code blank system represents the current international advanced level.


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