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Key points of gas circuit maintenance in concrete mixing plant


In the daily operation of the mixing plant, the maintenance and repair of the gas circuit is very necessary. It is necessary to often check whether the parts are worn and loose. The oil in the crankshaft oil tank of the air compressor should be above the low oil level, so that the gas circuit system can operate normally and efficiently. The following small series will share the key points of the maintenance and repair of the gas circuit of the concrete mixing plant. Come and have a look.
Key points for maintenance of gas circuit of concrete mixing plant:
a. Maintenance of air compressor
The oil level in the crankshaft oil tank of the air compressor shall be maintained above the low oil level mark line. The oil level and the quality of lubricating oil shall be checked every half month or regularly, and added or replaced if necessary; No. 19 compressor oil can be used in summer and No. 13 compressor oil can be used in winter. The air compressor shall be placed in a flat and clean place, and shall not work in wet, dirty and dusty places. The oil and water in the air reservoir shall be discharged every two shifts, the sensitivity of the safety valve shall be checked every three months, the silencer shall be cleaned once after 250 hours of operation, and the lubricating oil shall be replaced after 500 hours of operation.
b. Gas path and triad
The vent pipe and connector shall be kept unobstructed and firm to avoid contact and friction with other prismatic objects during folding and movement. In case of air leakage, it shall be repaired immediately. The sequence of gas passing through the triplet is filter - pressure reducing valve - oil mist. The filtrate in the filter shall be discharged in time when it is full, and the lubricating oil in the oil mist shall be added in time when it is used up. When adding oil, it shall be carried out without pressure. Before operation, clean the surrounding dust and other sundries to avoid entering the oil mist. Lubricating oil with viscosity of 2.5-7 degrees or industrial 40# engine oil can be used.
c. Solenoid valve and cylinder
The installation of solenoid valve shall be firm, and there shall be protective devices around to prevent foreign objects from damaging the shell and wiring. The exhaust port shall be equipped with muffler plug to prevent dust from entering the valve body and blocking the valve core; When the solenoid valve is connected with the cylinder or the solenoid valve is vibrated during operation, the fasteners on the valve body and cylinder must be shockproof.
On the one hand, the cylinder needs to work outside the specified air pressure, its installation position should be appropriate, and the fastening and connecting screws should be regularly checked for looseness. concrete


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