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Precautions for operation of JS1000 concrete mixer


 JS1000 concrete mixer can mix dry and hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, mortar and other materials. It is a high-efficiency model. It can meet the construction needs of all kinds of large and medium-sized prefabricated components, roads, bridges, water conservancy, wharfs, industrial and civil construction projects. Next, Bona will share the precautions for the operation of JS1000 concrete mixer for you to understand.

Precautions for operation of JS1000 concrete mixer:
1、 Precautions before use:
1 pull out the two pins at the large roller of the upper hopper.
2 check whether there are foreign matters in the mixing tank.
3 check whether the electrical grounding is good.
4 when connecting the power supply, click the mixing button first to check whether the phase sequence of the power supply is reversed, otherwise it is not allowed to start other mechanisms.
5. Do not lift the hopper without inching test run.
6 check whether the water supply of the water pump, mixing and lifting mechanism operate normally and whether the overall operation is stable.
2、 Operation attention
1. Feed according to the technical parameters. The weight of materials (including water) added each time shall not exceed 2400KG for JS1000 concrete mixer.
2. After the discharge is completed and the discharge door is closed, the feeding can be lifted.
3. The feeding sequence of hopper is: sand, cement and stone. During feeding and lifting, the hopper shall not fall to the bottom of the pit.
4 in the process of feeding, add water immediately to reduce the mixing time and dust flying.
5 when the limit switch acts, the main power supply must be disconnected first (if there are materials in the mixing tank, the main power supply shall be disconnected after mixing), and then reset manually.
6 after the hopper is lifted, no one is allowed to stay under the hopper.
7. It is strictly prohibited for non operators to operate the handle and button at will.
8 pay attention to electrical safety and prevent electrical components and wires from being damp and damaged.
9 if the mixing process is shut down for some reason, 50% of the materials shall be unloaded by manual and automatic unloading devices immediately, and the operation shall be started after the cause is found out.
10 when the warning light is on, the left upper limit switch loses its function and should be replaced and repaired in time.
11. It is forbidden to operate the water pump without water, otherwise the mechanical seal will be damaged.
12. Repair is not allowed during operation


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