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Correct use of lubricating oil for full-automatic hydraulic brick machine


Only mechanical equipment can not be exempted from the use of lubricating oil, especially for machinery of hydraulic system, lubricating oil needs to be used correctly. Of course, the full-automatic hydraulic brick machine will also use lubricating oil. Then, how to use lubricating oil correctly? Let's talk about how to use the lubricating oil of the full-automatic hydraulic brick machine correctly.
What aspects should be paid attention to when selecting and using lubricating oil for full-automatic hydraulic brick machine:
When users choose lubricating oil for brick machine equipment, they must see clearly that what you buy is new oil, not old oil. Compared with new oil, the old oil has dim color, serious ambiguity, astringent hand feel, and the impurities in the oil (including metal chips, sand and dust particles, colloidal sediment, etc.) are significantly increased or emulsified.
If you choose to use oil products of different brands than before, you must open the oil drain plug to drain the old oil when the brick machine is hot and various impurities are in suspension, then add kerosene and a small amount of new oil to the standard oil level, drain it after running for 3 ~ 5mm, wipe the oil filler, check and dredge the ventilation or air filter, Fill the new oil to the standard level with a clean filler bucket. When approaching the standard oil level, add oil slowly, observe the scale of the oil scale or dipstick, or unscrew the oil level screw. When there is oil overflow, stop oil filling, seal the oil filling port, insert the dipstick or tighten the oil level screw.
If the grease is to be replaced, clean the old oil in the brick machine with kerosene before disassembling, overhauling or updating the bearing. After draining, add grease according to the specified amount of grease. Generally, the amount of grease is 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the oil chamber. Apply the new grease in place with a wooden shovel or finger and reinstall it.
During normal equipment maintenance, the oil tank, oil pipe, joint, seal and other hydraulic components shall be carefully cleaned according to the process procedures to remove chips, burrs, rust, oil stain and other mechanical impurities, and dried with clean and dry compressed air.


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