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Description of concrete mixing and feeding sequence


What is the concrete mixing and feeding sequence? What are the concrete mixing and feeding sequences? How to feed the concrete better? Next, Bona will introduce the concrete mixing and feeding sequence.
The concrete mixing and feeding sequence is divided into primary feeding method and secondary feeding method, and manual mixing is also available, but it is not recommended.
1、 The one-time feeding method is to first add stones in the hopper, and then add cement and sand. For the self falling mixer, a part of water must be added into the drum first, and then water shall be added successively; For the forced mixer, because the blanking port is at the lower part, water cannot be added first. Water should be added slowly and evenly while putting dry materials.
2、 The secondary feeding method is divided into ready mixed cement mortar method, ready mixed cement slurry method and cement sand wrapping method. The feeding sequence is as follows:
Method 1: put cement + sand + water into mixing and then add stones.
Method 2: cement + water shall be put into mixing first, and then sand and stone shall be added.
Method 3: put all stones, sand and 70% water into mixing for 10-20 seconds, then put all cement into mixing for 30 seconds, and then add the remaining 30% water for 60 seconds.
The secondary feeding method used in the production of concrete is formed by changing the feeding sequence and mixing mode on the basis of the traditional primary feeding method. Its great advantage is that the concrete produced by this method overcomes the defect that the cement slurry is difficult to completely and evenly wrap the sand and gravel, so as to increase the concrete strength or save cement.
3、 Manual mixing is not recommended. If necessary, mix sand and cement first, then add stones to mix well, then scrape the pile into a trough shape, add half of the water, mix well, and then add the other half of the water.


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