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What are the advantage station in China?





 What are the advantage station in China?

The development of China's concrete mixing station have been over ten years, from the initial development to now

begun to take shape of mass production, from the original green to mature now.Now China's concrete mixing station

on the world stage also occupy a certain position, so on earth have what advantage station in China?

1、reliability: now mixing console, the spiral conveyer, the performance of the motor, pneumatic components, such

as working parts has been fairly stable.Mixer accessories casting material is adopted high chromium alloy, such as

high chromium alloy and ni-cr alloy, fully improve the wear resistance and anticorrosive performance, make the

reliability of the concrete mixing station.

2、high degree of automation control:the control mode of concrete mixing station mainly adopts computer

control.Both manual and automatic, easy to operate.Computer control system performance is stable, continuous and


3、high productivity:now more than double parallel batching plant and parallel mixing station station, can greatly

improve the production efficiency of concrete enterprises, annual output can reach six hundred thousand square,

parallel stand more parallel batching plant more can increase to eight hundred thousand.

4、good quality of mixing: now in the mixing station mixing console mixing performance is strong, uniform mixing

quality, higher productivity

5、run overload ability: concrete mixing station mixing plant shut down after 5 s can still be overload start, when the

ratio of cement and aggregate, the energy saving effect is outstanding, can meet for a long time, easy the special

requirements of production.

6、good environmental effect: all the powder material, from feeding, feeding to stir the ingredients, measuring, filling

under the closed state.Mixer measuring pocket cover and cement, fly ash measuring pocket dust exhausting tube

are connected to the dust collector, aggregate filling mouth set dust sheet,thereby reducing emissions.Totally-

enclosed stirring and the main structure of belt conveyer, greatly reduce the dust and noise pollution to the

environment.read more



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