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Daily maintenance of steel wire rope of concrete mixing plant


Want to concrete mixer hoist wire rope to reduce wear and tear, longer service life, not only in the installation to pay extra attention to the daily maintenance is also indispensable, the following BONA according to years of industry experience to share the concrete mixer hoist wire rope routine maintenance for your reference.
Concrete mixer hoist wire rope daily maintenance.
Daily maintenance. 
Check all visible parts of hoist wire rope to see if there is damage and deformation. 
Check the hoist wire rope related moving and fixed parts, especially the reel, pulley and walking wheel.
Weekly maintenance. 
Clean the wire rope with a brush. Can not use any solvent! 
As the dust makes the grease harden, prevent the new grease to penetrate into the wire rope. Only when there is enough grease on the wire rope, can prevent the corrosion of the wire rope. Wire rope which is not used can use grease or paint to prevent corrosion. 
If in a short period of time because of the operation and inconvenience lubrication, then to strengthen the corresponding monitoring.
Clean the grease residue on the pulley.
Lubricate the wire rope again. Especially the bending place. 
When operating under special circumstances, such as: frequent use, hot and other bad weather, seawater, etc., the time interval for lubricating the rope again should be shortened accordingly.     
The grease used should be compatible with the original grease on the steel wire rope. In general with oil good, and with grease contrary, oil easy to penetrate to the interior of the wire rope. Can also use with additives easy to penetrate the grease.
Check the pulley and reel, pulley and reel should be very easy to turn, and with bushings and other fixed parts without interference. 
Check the wear of the reel, pulley and travel wheel.
Grease the hoist track and reel. 
Oil the bearings on the winch, sheave, travel sheave, tie rod frame and bucket body.


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