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Maintenance of air compressor in concrete mixing plant


Air compressor is the main instrument of the air source device, in the air system has a very important role. Therefore, the air compressor maintenance, the following BONA to summarize the maintenance of the air compressor mixing plant notes, can be used for your reference.
1、 Precautions before use.    
(1) The air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, and well ventilated.   
(2) It can not withstand the wind and rain, and can not be directly exposed to the sun.    
(3) Adjust the upper and lower limits of the automatic switch of air pressure, because too low pressure will lead to sluggish cylinder action, too high pressure will be detrimental to the seals of the air circuit system.    
(4) should always check the oil level of lubricating oil, keep the stored oil between the upper and lower line of the dipstick, and add new oil in time when the stored oil is close to the lower line.    
(5) check whether the tension of the conveyor belt is appropriate, when the belt is pressed with a finger, the belt sinks to about 10mm; when replacing the conveyor belt, the whole group should be replaced to maintain the same degree of tension.    
2、 Precautions in operation.
During work, the operator should always observe the working pressure of the air compressor and not allow it to exceed the rated value. Check whether there is oil leakage, air leakage phenomenon, there is no abnormal sound, if found abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop the inspection.   
3、 Maintenance.    
(1) timely discharge of condensate, open the drain valve under the storage tank after shutdown, put down the condensate.   
(2) regular replacement of lubricating oil, generally according to the air compressor operation time to determine, every 1000 hours of operation or 4 months to replace the new oil.   
(3) regular cleaning of the air filter element, because the filter element is too dirty to lead into the compressor cylinder air containing too much dust, accelerating the cylinder and piston ring wear, and easy to form carbon affect the valve seal; serious will also cause cylinder pulling, scurrying air, resulting in pollution of the lubricant, affecting the lubrication effect; scurrying air, but also produce the phenomenon of oil, the cylinder wall and piston ring gap is too large, the contaminated lubricant will flee into the compression chamber and the formation of oil mist, thereby polluting the compressed air. 
(4) Cleaning of paper cartridge, blowing clean from inside to outside with compressed air; if the cartridge is filled with sponge, clean and dry with decontaminant)


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