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Adjustment and maintenance of concrete mixing plant


 In order to making the concrete mixing plant have long working life, we should know something about the adjustment and maintenance of concrete mixing station.

1. Concrete mixing station should be serviced once every six months, Check the reliability of the department of all bolt connection, Overhaul period in general should overhaul work 4000 hours or so;
2.  Check the concrete batching plant big gear grinding equipment;
3.  Check reducer lubrication station whether metamorphism, Filling or replace if necessary;
4.  Blade can be adjust (including turn to readjust after 180 ℃) under the condition of using inheritance, plate fixed countersunk head screw plate surface should be replaced when lining board;
5.  The damaged situation of the concrete batching plant equipment.
Maintenance concrete mixing station supporting parts such as electric, electrical gear reducer, cylinder, vibrators, air filter, etc. according to the normal and reference.


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