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what should we pay attention when operate mixing plant in hot environment


 In high temperature environment, We are pay attention to heatstroke, Then run concrete mixing plant in hot environment there are some matters needing attention.

In the hot summer, it is most important is to keep the machine in the production process of high temperature mechanical equipment can't run or damage parts.First of all, we all know the concrete mixing plant is composed of a series of equipment, To ensure the good sex between various parts, to ensure it can be normal operation.The second is to reasonable arrangement work and homework time, Don't be product in the hottest time, Reasonable allocate production time. once more, Clean the hydraulic oil regularly, ensure the clean and tidy, the cement batching station can continue to use.
Concrete Production is not only need reasonable arrangement in the summer, More close attention to its condition between the parts, Can be sure the efficient and safe production in the hot summer.


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