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Concrete mixer safety operation specification


1, concrete mixer in the operation before, should start the mixer no-load operation. Then confirm the direction of rotation of the mixing cylinder or blade and the direction shown by the arrow on the cylinder body to maintain the same. For the need to reverse the material mixer should make the mixing cylinder forward and reverse operation for several minutes, and to ensure that there can be no impact shaking phenomenon and abnormal noise. 
2、 Before operation, the hopper lifting test should be carried out, and then observe and confirm the clutch and brake are flexible and reliable. 
3、 To check and correct the water supply system, the indicated water volume and the actual water volume are consistent; when the error exceeds 2%, the leakage point of the pipeline should be checked or the throttle valve should be corrected.
4, to check whether the aggregate specifications and mixer performance, beyond the permitted range can not be used. 
5、 After the mixer is started, the mixing cylinder should be made to reach the normal speed before feeding. When feeding, water should be added in time. Each time the mixer should not exceed the rated capacity of the mixer and to reduce the material sticky tank phenomenon, the order of adding material should be stone cement sand or sand cement stone.
6, feeding, it is strictly forbidden to head or hand into the middle of the hopper and rack. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the mixing cylinder with the hand after the tool to pick up and discharge the material. 7、 When the hopper is raised during the mixing operation, it is forbidden for anyone to stay or pass under the hopper; when it is necessary to repair or clean the material pit under the hopper, the hopper should be lifted and locked with a chain or inserted pin. 
8、 Adding material to the mixing cylinder should be done during operation, and adding new material should be done only after unloading all the original concrete in the mixing cylinder. 9、 During operation, observe the operation of the machine, and stop the machine for inspection when there is abnormality or the temperature rise of the bearing is too high; when maintenance is needed, the soil in the mixing cylinder should be removed and then overhauled.
10、 The aggregate size added to the forced mixer shall not exceed the allowed value, and shall prevent the material from being stuck. Each mixing, the material added to the mixing cylinder should not exceed the specified feeding capacity.
11、 The clearance between the mixing blade of the forced mixer and the bottom and side wall of the mixing cylinder should be checked frequently and confirmed to meet the regulations, when the clearance exceeds the standard, should be adjusted in a timely manner. When the mixing blade wear exceeds the standard, should be timely repair or replacement.
12、 It is strictly forbidden to operate without a permit and to leave the working position without permission.
13、After operation, the mixer should be fully cleaned, lubrication maintenance, cut off the power and lock the door; when the operator needs to enter the cylinder, must fix the hopper, cut off the power or remove the fuse, lock the switch box, and there should be a person outside the supervision.
14、 After operation, the hopper should be landed at the bottom of the pit, and when it needs to be raised, the chain or pin should be fastened.
15、 After the winter operation, the water pump, water release switch, the amount of water in the water tank should be drained.
16、 When the mixer is moved in the field or transported over a long distance, the hopper should be raised to the upper stop point and locked with insurance chains or pins.


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