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Three ways of concrete mixing and conveying


Concrete mixing and conveying truck is a special transport vehicle specialized in conveying concrete, and with the rapid promotion of commercial concrete, it can increasingly show its superiority in ensuring the quality of conveying.
BONA summarizes three ways of concrete mixing and conveying and shares them with you.
Three ways of concrete mixing and conveying.
① Wet material (ready-mixed concrete) mixing and conveying, is to drive the conveying truck to the mixing equipment under the discharge port, the mixing cylinder runs at the feeding speed to add material, and after adding material, the mixing cylinder runs at low speed. During the transportation, the mixing cylinder keeps stirring at slow speed to prevent the concrete from initial setting and segregation, and the mixing cylinder has to reverse the fast rotation after reaching the construction site.
②Dry material mixing and conveying, when the construction site is far away from the mixing equipment, the dry materials such as sand, stone, cement, etc. which are weighed according to the ratio can be loaded into the mixing cylinder for dry material conveying, and the conveying truck will mix the dry materials with the mixing speed during the transportation, and when the construction site is near, water will be added into the mixing cylinder from the water tank of the conveying truck to complete the final mixing of concrete for the construction site.
③ Semi-dry material mixing and conveying, the conveying truck is loaded with sand, stone, cement and water from the ready-mix plant according to the proportional weighing, and completes the mixing operation on the way or at the construction site in order to supply the concrete on site.


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