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How to produce high quality concrete mixer


Every customer wants to improve concrete quality. But customers also research how to achieve it. Here, BONA will introduce some tips to promote the concrete quality of concrete mixer.First,the performance is the key for concrete mixer. However, most customers will ask us: after using the machine for a long time, the performance will decrease, and what can we do for it? That needs customers take regular inspection and maintenance works for concrete mixer. Repair the damage parts regularly and timely renewal of components are necessary. Next precaution is that only materials with appropriate proportion can be put into mixing drum. When charging materials, water is not allowed to be fed firstly and cement is the last material to be put into drum. If cement is put into drum with other materials, water cannot be added until all of them have been mixed uniformly Before discharging materials, we should check the lubrication parts and add lubricant oil if necessary. If the concrete mixer has failures in the operation process, it is better to stop it to repair; otherwise, it will affect the concrete quality. The mixing time should be appropriate, set the mixing time according to different concrete mixing machine. When the setting time is over, the machine should stop immediately.BONA machinery equipment co.,ltd is located in the famous machinery capital of Zhengzhou, China. We are professional machinery products manufacturer-featuring a wide range of quality concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, concrete pump, truck pump with boom, truck mixer, etc.


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