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Structural principle of concrete mixing drum


What is the structural principle of concrete mixing drum? What is the working principle of concrete mixing drum? Zhengzhou Bona today introduces the structural principle of concrete mixing drum.
The concrete mixing drum of the concrete mixing truck mostly adopts a non-standard pear shaped structure. The mixing drum lies obliquely on the back of the chassis frame through the support auxiliary device and can rotate around the axis. There is only one drum opening above the rear of the mixing drum to load or unload through the feeding and discharging devices respectively.
Structural principle:
The barrel of the whole mixing drum is a double cone with variable cross-section and asymmetry, and its shape is similar to pear shape. It is composed of front cone, circle and rear cone respectively.
The front cone is short, the end face is closed and the flange is welded, and is connected with the reducer through the connecting flange. The transition part of the rear cone has an annular raceway, which is welded on the plane circumference perpendicular to the axis of the mixing drum. The whole mixing drum is obliquely lying on the reducer shell on the fixed frame and the three-point support seat structure composed of a pair of roller supports through the connecting flange and the annular raceway. The reducer drives the mixing drum to rotate smoothly around the axis.
A protective steel belt is designed on the annular raceway to prevent the mixing drum from jumping when the car bumps on the bad road. The installation frame is composed of a horizontal frame, a front stage, a back stage and a door shaped support. The mixing drum is connected with the vehicle chassis through bolts at the corresponding positions, so that the mixing drum is firmly fixed on the chassis to prevent it from swinging and moving.


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