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Concrete mixing plant price and equipment purchase tips


Concrete mixing plant price is affected by the choice of equipment, how to choose the right equipment and buy at the right price? Today, please ask the relevant technical personnel to bring you concrete mixing plant prices and equipment selection tips.
 (1) Production scale
Judging the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment according to the size of the production scale. If the annual output is less than 200,000m3, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is not less than 90m³/h; if the annual output is 200,000-300,000m³, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally 120m³/h; if the annual output is more than 300,000m³, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally 150m³/h or 200m³/h.
(2) Construction site
According to the size of the construction site, choose to use concrete mixing plant or concrete mixing plant. The concrete mixing building is characterized by one lifting of the aggregate, higher productivity of the same capacity mixer than the mixing plant, and beautiful overall shape and less area occupied by the material yard, but the manufacturing and installation cycle is long and the one-time investment cost is high. Concrete mixing plant is characterized by two lifts of aggregate, more flexible arrangement, short manufacturing and installation period, low one-time investment cost, but the yard covers an area of more, poorer production environment.
(3) Supporting equipment
Select the specifications and working size of concrete mixer according to the situation of ancillary equipment. The loading capacity of the mixer truck should be matched with the discharge capacity of the mixer, and improper matching will affect the working efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader should match with the loading height of the concrete mixing plant batching plant.
(4) Management function
If intensive network management is adopted, the network management function of concrete mixing equipment should be considered to avoid difficulties for future upgrading.
(5) Supplier reputation
It mainly includes whether the installation and commissioning is strict; whether the technical guidance and training are in place; whether the after-sales service is timely; and whether the supply of spare parts is sufficient.
(6) Performance to price ratio
The comprehensive pursuit of equipment technical performance is not wise, will increase unnecessary investment, but only the pursuit of low investment and reduce the technical performance of equipment will bring about an increase in the cost of use, such practice is also undesirable. At present, the comprehensive performance of imported equipment on the domestic market is higher, but the price is also more expensive. Domestic equipment in several domestic well-known brands, although the comprehensive performance can not be compared with imported equipment, but the key parts of the configuration is also commonly used imported components, the main performance is not much worse than imported equipment, concrete mixing plant price is much lower. A more reasonable approach is to choose the right performance to price ratio.


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