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HZS 120 mixing plant mixing main mixer maintenance precautions


The maintenance of the main mixing machine is an effective measure to restore its technical performance and extend its service life. However, improper maintenance will reduce the reliability, reduce the service life, and may also cause mechanical accidents, so I especially share 120 mixing plant mixing mainframe maintenance precautions, available for your understanding.   
120 mixing plant mixing mainframe maintenance precautions.
1. Concrete raw material use requirements   
120 concrete mixing plant adopts double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which can mix various kinds of hard, fluid, plastic, light aggregate concrete and mortar. The applicable aggregate size should not be larger than 150 mm, of which the aggregate size of 120-150 mm should not exceed 10% of the total capacity.   
2. Cleaning and cleaning of the mixing machine   
The mixing machine should be cleaned at least once in one working cycle. After the daily production, the main mixing machine should be cleaned comprehensively by putting water and a little stone into the main mixing machine for 5-10 min, and removing all the materials from the machine after cleaning, without water or material accumulation; flushing the pipes again after stopping, and removing the dust and adhering concrete inside and outside the mixing tank. In general, the JS1000 mixing machine should be filled with water about 150-180 kg, other models can be increased or decreased accordingly, or you can provide your own high-pressure water gun for cleaning.   
When flushing the material door of the mixing machine, avoid the phenomenon that the material accumulated under the upper flushing forms a foreign body stuck in the material door. During the mixing process, if the concrete truck is not in place for a long time (more than 20-30 min, especially in summer), water should be added to the mixer for simple cleaning.
During the normal production period, the solidification of concrete in the mixing cylinder and on the mixing shaft should be checked regularly, and if there is any solidification, it should be removed manually as required. Before cleaning the mixing cylinder manually, the power supply and air circuit must be cut off, the residual air must be released and the control room must be locked; when cleaning the mixing cylinder manually, it is strictly prohibited to hit the mixing shaft, mixing arm and mixing blade violently.


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