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Gravity type concrete mixer operation instruction


1, concrete mixer should be set in the flat position, use the wood support front and rear axles, the tire will hang in air to keep Building concrete mixer steady.

2, concrete mixer should implement the secondary leakage protection, before starting it, get the power on to check if this sand and cement mixer works well or not. Usually rotate speed of empty concrete mixers is faster than rotate speed of loaded concrete mixer. 2 ~ 3 circle is normal. If there is a big difference between the two speeds, adjust transmission and driving wheel.

3, mixing barrel rotation direction should comply with the direction of the arrow, if not, should correct motor wire connection.

4, check whether the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, wire rope is good, track pulley are in good condition, surrounded by accessibility and lubrication situation of each part.

5, after startup, inspect all concrete mixer part is in normal operation. Frequently check whether concrete mixer blades bend when stop the machine, screw ever strike or loose. Ensure other concrete mixer parts also in good condition.

6, when finish concrete mixing or pause is expected to more than 1 hour take out residue in mixing equipment and pour stones and water into mixer to clean mixer wall. Then discharge stone and water to keep mixer drum dry and clean to avoid cylinder and concrete mixer blades rust. At the same time also should clean up the dust outside mixing drum, make machinery clean.

7, after work turn off switch power and lock the switch box to ensure safety.


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