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Bona tells you some details about concrete mixer


Concrete mixer is a kind of machine which mix cement, sand, gravel aggregates and water together. It is consist of mixing tube, feeding and discharging institutions, water supply system, the prime mover, transmission, chassis and supporting devices and other components. Concrete mixer, including power organization connected by shaft and transmission gear and the roller driven by transmission gear, install gear ring around the body of roller, fit gear wheel clench the teeth with gear ring on the transmission shaft.

The structure is simple and reasonable. When the gear and gearing ring engaged, this concrete mixer can overcome slipping phenomenon of the riding wheel and drum when meet fog weather. The transmission mechanism can be further removed slipping phenomenon of the riding wheel and drum.

The concrete mixture mixing should be balanced, short mixing time, fast discharge, less remain materials, low energy consumption and low pollution to make sure the mixing quality. Major factors of affecting  concrete mixer quality are: concrete mixer structure, charge procedure and place of the mixture materials, rate of charge volume and drum volume, wear condition of mixing speed and blade plate,  configuration and geometry permutation of the mixing blade.

Concrete mixer should be installed in the flat position, then put the wheels onto the square board, which  keeps wheels overhead from walking when it works.Concrete mixer should adopt secondary earth leakage protection. When turn on the power source on working, you should  look over it, and then test the mixer when it is empty to make sure the mixer can work normally. You must test the drum rotate speed before test the mixer. Generally, empty drum fast 2-3 circles than the full drum, if the speed has a large gap, you need adjust proportion of the driving wheels and gearing wheels. In addition, make sure the drum direction equally of the rotation and arrow. If not, you need change motor wiring. Last ,Check whether transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable or not, whether wire rope damaged or not, and whether the track pulley good or not, also check the situation and lubrication whether normally.


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