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Concrete batching plant should follow its planning principle


 Whether it is large or small commercial concrete batching plant, you must follow a principle “adhering to a priority, two combined and three beneficial” at the time of its planning. The follow are some planning principles that Bona Enterprise provides for you:

1. giving priority to urban construction. Concrete industry development must be coordinated with the urban planning, urban development and construction should conform to the concrete industry trends and meet the needs of urban construction on the concrete in the quantity and quality.
2. Combine the market and government regulation. Taking full account of ready-mixed concrete industry vulnerable to vicious competition dilemma,the market competition mechanism is in play, at the same time,the government should strengthen the rational development of the industry guidance and control,in order to promote sustained and healthy development of the concrete industry.
3. Combine the overall planning and focus. To correctly understand and handle various relationships in the development process involve adjustment,overall planning, the overall and long-term development, reasonably determine planning priorities, which must be sure to be implemented.
4. Beneficial to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. We should try our best to maximize the allocation of resources. By reducing or avoiding the generation of pollutants and emission, can we accelerate the development and application of comprehensive utilization of resources, alleviate resource constraints and environmental pressures.
5.The principle should be good for improving the industry’overall operating efficiency. By encouraging moderate competition, optimizing the layout of concrete mixing plant and adjusting the enterprise organizational structure,promoting management and technology, can we reap ready-mix concrete business at a lower cost to provide high quality products and services.
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