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Advantages of Bona Enterprise concrete batching plant' structure


Concrete batching plant structure mainly includes concrete batching plant hosts and platforms, gravel gravel batching equipment, powder storage equipment, powder conveying equipment, measurement systems, control systems, etc. Then what are structure advantages of Bona Enterprise concrete batching plant?
1.concrete mixing plant is equipped with multiple shaft seal pressure protection device and seatang equipment device, so you can use it to prevent the leakage of plasma.
2.Monitoring system of concrete mixer controls the use of equipment, which facilitates the discharge of the pump gearbox. At the same time, systems can also ensure the best working condition of concrete mixing plant’electric oil pump.
3.We apply unique design of independent pump core to be used in four shaft oil directly, so you can not directly use the perter valve. Let the machine run perfectly.
4.Concrete mixing plant use the multi-channel and multi-tube water spray system, so when the job is on, water can be very evenly sprayed to avoid waste.
5.Bona Enterprise concrete mixing plant is professionally designed for heavy, large-scale projects and make the projects run more stable and rapable.
6.The whole system of concrete mixing plant only uses advanced PLC system, so in this job, you can save a lot of manpower.
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