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HZS120 concrete mixing station



HZS120 concrete mixing station

HZS120 concrete mixing plant is composed of ingredients, mixing, electrical control system and other parts of the automatic concrete mixing equipment, with a separate manual control, automatic compensation gap, gravel water content compensation, can automatically complete the scheduled tank production
The mixing station discharge height of 3.8 m -4.5, storage hopper volume of 15 cubic meters * 3 positions or 4 positions, supporting the host is JS series forced double horizontal shaft mixer. HZS concrete mixing plant with little investment, small footprint, less use of equipment, equipment maintenance is easy, can be equipped with high-performance independent control room, the equipment easy to operate and safe, and in the case of accurate measurement of ingredients can also produce high quality Efficient concrete.
Compared with the mixing station using the bucket feeding, the oblique belt conveyor and the waiting silo are increased, and the production efficiency is improved by more than 20%. The main equipment of the equipment is installed on the double-layer steel structure platform, which is convenient for the whole plant to be transported on the trailer, and the overall structure is more solid and reliable, which effectively reduces the basic engineering degree.




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