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JZM concrete mixer instroduce


JZM concrete mixer instroduce

JZM750 mixer adopts rubber roller friction transmission, low noise, stable running, convenient operation, mobile, mixing of good quality and high production efficiency, JZM750 is the large JZM series concrete mixer, for safety use, its design is fixed, in order to ensure safety in production.JZM750 mixer can stir plasticity and semi-dry concrete, is the ideal equipment of large concrete construction.This model according to GB/T9142-2000 design and manufacture of concrete mixer, reasonable structure, at the same time with PLD1600 series batching unit into simple type mixing station, convenient and practical.
By far the most common JZM to create friction drive for tug, concrete mixer drive way.Its advantages are: friction type concrete mixer driven in a different way, friction type concrete mixer mixing drum is driven by four rubber tug friction, noise effect is small;Friction mixer feeding in a different way, and climbed JZC series bucket cylinder concrete mixer, friction type concrete mixer feeding way is to improve the feeding, to ensure the efficiency and quality of material, JZM friction type concrete mixer on the hopper have separate motor, can guarantee its feeding speed;Friction type concrete mixer on the collocation of use is different, the friction type concrete mixer feeding is a lift, so it can be used and concrete batching machine match, the point JZC climb bucket cylinder concrete mixer is made.


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