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The difference between JZC and JZM


The difference between JZC and JZM

JZC and JZM series concrete mixer is suitable for general construction sites, road, bridge engineering and small and medium sized concrete file.When fixed mixing, can dig a pit, feeder was flush with the ground, easy to feed, greatly reduce the labor intensity.Both for drum mixer, here we come to know the difference between the two.
First of all, the blender motor
JZM friction roller series concrete mixer drum is driven by rubber tug roller friction transmission, because of the special form of hoisting drum mixing JZM friction roller concrete mixer hopper has a characteristic of the motor ascension.JZC series cylinder concrete mixer, concrete mixer is the fall type roller consists of gears, JZC climb bucket cylinder concrete mixer drum and hopper Shared a motor;
Second, the concrete mixer type is different
JZM concrete mixer model have JZM350 portable, JZM500 mobile and JZM750 stationary;
JZC drum of concrete mixer types are: JZC200 /JZC350 tilting.JZC350 diesel mixer;JZC350A/JZC350B/JZC500 climb bucket;
Third, the thickness of the mixing drum is different
Compared with JZC series mixer, JZM series products of high mixing wall thick, usually up to eight centimeters of baidu.Generally the default JZM increased thickening version for JZC series products.


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