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What practices are likely to cause agricultural machinery safety maintenance accidents?


Today's agricultural mechanized production is becoming more and more common, agricultural machinery gradually become a good helper of farmers production planting, with the use of agricultural machinery increased, there will often be a variety of accidents, resulting in the frequency of maintenance is also rising. And farmers in the process of maintenance, there are often a variety of problems, there will be a variety of safety maintenance accidents, most of which are caused by technical inexperience, so which practices are prone to cause agricultural machinery safety maintenance accidents? Here's a look at it. Farm machinery safety repair   
1, maintenance technology is not skilled maintenance technology is the most simple and direct reason, many farmers do not have professional farm machinery maintenance technology, often because of blind confidence, hard disassembly and hard installation. On the one hand, damage parts not to mention, if the internal structure of the parts is not clearly understood, or the order of disassembly and assembly is not correct, it is easy to cause agricultural machinery safety maintenance accidents, accidentally also cause the owner of the machine injury.   
2, inadequate preparation As the saying goes: "work is good at what it does must first benefit its tools", it is extremely important to do a good job of preparation. In the maintenance of agricultural machinery is also the same, although it seems unnecessary, but is often the key in the key. For example, before we repair the tractor, the tractor body to be fixed, with a hard object to cover the tires and so on. Not only can facilitate maintenance, but also to protect the safety of maintenance workers. Easy to cause agricultural machinery safety accident behavior   
3, repair results are not thorough Many farmers pay little attention to the usual and maintenance of farm machinery, coupled with some farm machinery maintenance costs are high, so in the repair can be saved, no thorough repair clean. This practice usually may not see a so, but in fact there are great safety risks, once the failure, basically to spend more money and experience.   
4, ignore the importance of fire prevention General agricultural machinery repair places will have diesel, gasoline or other disassembled parts, and gas stations like these repair places are strictly prohibited smoke and fire. And most farmers have the habit of smoking, not aware of the importance of fire prevention, or in welding repair, did not pay attention to the fuel tank and other locations. And not only this category of people, most urban people are also less aware of fire prevention, few people will spare fire prevention tools such as fire, which will have a great fire hazard. Practices that can easily cause safety accidents of agricultural machinery   
These are some common practices that are likely to cause accidents in the safe maintenance of agricultural machinery. In recent years, not in accordance with the operating procedures of agricultural machinery to perform maintenance and commissioning work of the mechanics abound, the accident cases are also year after year, so we must pay more attention, not only about agricultural production, but also about their own personal safety.


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