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Concrete mixing time requirement regulations


In general, the homogeneity of concrete is improved with the extension of mixing time, but after the mixing time exceeds a certain limit, the homogeneity of concrete will not be significantly improved. Therefore, concrete mixing plant should have strict requirements on mixing time, which is good for the quality and productivity of concrete. The following is a summary of the concrete mixing time requirements by Changli Machinery with years of experience in the industry for your reference.
Concrete mixing time requirements are stipulated as follows
I. Manual mixing.
Strive to move quickly when mixing, mixing time from the time of adding water, should be roughly in line with the following provisions.
Mixing volume of 30L or less 4 ~ 5min (min)
When the volume of stirring material is 30L--50L, 5~9min
When the volume of mixer is 51L--75L, 9~12min
After mixing, do slump measurement or test piece forming immediately according to the test requirements. All operations shall be completed within 30min from the time of water addition.
Second, mechanical mixing.
Pre-mix once, that is, first shabu, so as not to affect the mix ratio when formally mixing. Start the mixer, add stones, sand and cement to the mixer in turn, dry mix evenly, and then add water slowly, all the material time not more than 2min, after all the water is added, continue to mix and 2min.
The mixture will be unloaded from the mixer, dumped on the mixer, and then by manual mixing and 1~2min, you can do slump measurement or specimen molding. From the beginning of the water, all operations must be completed within 30min.


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