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Precautions for thunderstorm weather in concrete batching plant


 1. Install lightning rods on the main body of the Concrete Batching Plant and the top of the Cement Silo. Concrete batching plant equipment, the highest place is forty to fifty meters, and most of the production plants are in open places, once a thunderstorm forms, it is very likely to cause damage to the main body of the equipment, especially the top of the concrete batching plant and the top of the cement silo. At the same time, the installation of lightning rods is also skillful. It is necessary to ensure that there is an insulating layer on the top of the equipment to ensure the insulation between the lightning rod and the main body of the equipment, otherwise it will also cause damage to the equipment.

2. If necessary, you can cover the upper part of the whole machine with a layer of sunscreen mesh. The sunscreen mesh is not only sun-proof, but also dust-proof and rain-proof, reducing the possibility of rainwater entering the inside of the machine, and has the function of anti-static and lightning strikes.
3. In the event of a thunderstorm, the operator should try not to work outside, and cut off the power and air in the room to ensure that it is not turned on.
4. After a thunderstorm, check the equipment condition thoroughly before starting the machine, and eliminate all potential safety hazards before running.


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