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Model configuration price of small HZS60 concrete mixing plant with an hourly output of 60 square meters



To achieve the output of cubic meters of concrete per hour, corresponding equipment should be used. 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour belongs to the general small and medium scale mixing station, which can be achieved by using the HZS60 concrete mixing station. So what are the configurations of this type of mixing station equipment? What host? What dosing system? Automatic or manual? As a domestic manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment trusted by customers in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Bona Machinery answers these questions.

HZS60 concrete mixing station is one of the many models of new mechanical mixing station equipment, which belongs to small concrete mixing station. The production efficiency is 60 cubic meters per hour. The main unit is a JS1000 concrete mixer, with a single discharge of 1000L, a power of 37KW, and a discharge height of 3.8 meters. The PLD1600 four-bin batching machine is used. The aggregate weighing is electronically weighed, which is convenient. accurate. The powder storage uses a cement tank silo produced by Bona Machinery, and each cement tank is equipped with a screw conveyor. The total power of the whole set of equipment is about 112KW, which can be used in the construction of small and medium-sized commercial mixing plants in rural areas, and can also be directly used in various types of construction projects, including roads, bridges, airports, docks and other large concrete-requiring projects. Use of new HZS60 concrete mixing station.

Zhengzhou Jianxin Mechanical Concrete Mixing Plant is favored by customers with its superior performance and favorable price. Road and bridge construction sites in many regions of China can see the construction of new concrete mixing plant equipment.


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