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 What is the relation between cement silo and concrete batching plant?

Our main products are as follows:concrete batching plant, concrete batching plants,concrete mixer,blocking making machine,concrete pump,etc.
To know well the concrete mixing plant, users need understand each part of concrete batching plant, which plays an important role for the future production and maintenance.
Due to the daily production capacity of concrete batching plant is huge, the supply of raw materials is one of the key constructions. the main constituent of commercial concrete is still cement. So the construction of cement silo has become one of the cores for concrete batching plant.  
The productivity of concrete batching plant is huge, so cement silo is able to meet the need of production of concrete batching plant. In addition, cement silo is equipped with material position controller which can clearly know the position and remaining situation of cement. Most importantly concrete pumps for sale, cement silo is able to convey cement to any place by screw conveyor, which greatly save manpower and improve the production 


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