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Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer


 JZR series portable diesel concrete mixer is a concrete mixer with diesel engines and double conical drums. Its drum rotates in normal direction for mixing and in reversed direction for discharging. 

The diesel engine powered concrete mixer is suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete. It is mainly used in construction sites, road engineering, bridge construction, etc. Diesel engine powered concrete mixer, according to different feeding ways, it can realize hoist hopper feeding and skip hopper feeding. 
The drum rotates in one direction for mixing and in the opposite direction for discharging the mixed concrete. There are two types of blades attached to the inner walls of the drum. One set drags the concrete upwards and toward the center of the mixer when the drum rotates in one direction; the second set of blades pushes the concrete toward the opening when the drum rotates in the other direction.


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