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Qualification batch plant concrete should do the following?

Qualification batch plant concrete should do the following?
1. Concrete mixing stations equipped with a host of self-loading mixing tube if it's the material that buckle circle runout less than 1% of the diameter of the inlet, also check shaker screen precast concrete batching plant on steel quality and reasonable size sieve and sieve screen and check the accuracy of the installation;
(2) the operation of the transmission system to be flexible, there is no abnormal noise;
3 belt conveyors, bucket elevators and other transmission to the cantilever Dragline smooth operation to be flexible, braking can be high, there is no unusual noise, no card chain;
4.ready concrete batching plant in metering systems is very important to check, to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the metering system;
5 elevated temperatures reduce the machine should be noted that the temperature to reach a qualified book;
6 metering hopper out of the material to be smooth, the plot does not appear material, the flash phenomenon;
7 valve leakage phenomenon can not occur;
8 quality cement tank qualified;
9 supporting line installation to be reasonable, to install the equipment correctly.


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