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The reason appears Concrete pan mixer high temperature operation

Concrete pan mixer
due process requires the use of the boot stirring constantly there will be some problems, such as temperature. From the production practice, if the current instruction on the operation panel ammeter found intermittent period of increased common reasons are: when twin shaft concrete mixer ministries functioning properly, you need to find mud spoon head , then spoon the mud head probably loose, spoon head intermittent cyclical loosening is caused by the current elevated main reason. Of course, should also examine whether there is something mud at the bottom of a spoon scoop mud hinder rotation .
Small concrete mixer maintenance is very important, the majority of users must be based on the need to safeguard their own equipment , excellence is our constant pursuit of product quality , reasonable prices and high quality service is the premise of sincere cooperation with you , if the current continues to rise , do not return to the rated current, it may be due to overload or low voltage caused large part due to the feeding amount should be adjusted to the quantity, is a mechanical problem caused the load is too large , you should stop treatment . But if caused by a low voltage , the reasons are purely external power supply , a positive approach is whether the large ground currents observed changes and motor temperature .
If this phenomenon occurs suddenly , often due to the particle size increases. Changes in ore hardness , surface mining may be due to the different ingredients cause . This occurs both cases, will cause a corresponding change in the mixing process .


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