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How to Mix Cement With a Mixer



As a new cement mixer, you will be confused with how to use it. Now Bona enginerring gives you warm tips. Hope the following section can help you.
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1. Open the bag of concrete and empty the contents into the cement mixer. Do this gently so as not to accidentally spill any concrete mixer.
2. Turn on your garden hose and wet the cement down in the mixer. Don't overdo it. You will add more water soon enough.
3. Turn on the mixer and continue to add water while the mixer is running. This is the most effective way to get a good cement mixture.
4. After a minute or two turn off the water and allow the mixture to tumble around in the machine.
5. Turn off the mixer after a few seconds of allowing it to mix without water. Put on gloves and grab a hand-full. It should not be too runny from excess water, nor should it crumble. It should mostly stick together. That's the perfect consistency that you are looking for.
6. Pour the mixture into a bucket. Now, you are ready to add the next batch of cement mix.
7.Once you have finished mixing cement for the day, be sure to wash out the mixer. You do not want any leftover cement drying up on the inside of the mixer.



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