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Concrete mixer classification


Concrete mixer has long history in China. Most of Chinese Concrete mixer manufacturer and concrete mixer supplier focus on main three kinds of concrete mixers. Different concrete mixer price depend on different work principles and sizes.

Gravity type concrete mixer
Has a long history, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the drum of concrete mixer driven by a steam engine started to appear. After the '50 s, reverse discharging and tilting type concrete mixer and cracked drum mixer appeared and developed. Since the gravity type concrete mixer mixing drum has a radial arrangement of agitating vane on the wall. Mixed tube around the horizontal axis rotate then inject raw material inside the cylinder. Raw material will be lift to a certain height by leaf then fall by its gravity. Through cycle of movement to mix concrete. Since the gravity type concrete mixer structure is simple, general is given priority to with mixing of plastic concrete.

Forced concrete mixer
since the rise in the early 1950 s, obtained the rapid development and promotion. The first is the vertical shaft type disk forced concrete mixer. This mixer is divided into stirring type and planet forced concrete mixer. After the 1870 s, with the application of lightweight aggregate, the circular groove horizontal-axis forced mixer, it divides single shaft and double shafts concrete mixer such as JS500 concrete mixer, JS750 concrete mixer, JS1000 concrete mixer and JS2000 concrete mixer. It has characteristics of both gravity type concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer. The mixing blade linear velocity is small, good abrasion resistance and less energy consumption, rapid development. Forced concrete mixer mixing tube inside the rotor arm frame equipped with concrete mixer blades. Raw material inside the drum under the strong agitation of mixing blades form a cross mixing procedure. In this way, forced concrete mixer has better performance than gravity type concrete mixer. Forced concrete mixer mainly applies for mixing dry concrete.

Continuous concrete mixer
Continuous concrete mixer equipped with spiral concrete mixer blades. All kinds of materials respectively into blender after being continuous weighed. Concrete mixer discharges concrete from outlet continuously. This kind of continuous concrete mixer has advantages of short mixing time and high productivity. It is a new star in concrete mixer classification. 


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