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Concrete batching plant in China



We all know that construction machinery development is closely bound up to personal livelihood and concrete batching plant is one of the major projects during the construction process. About the current situation of the concrete batching plant development in China, Bona make a series of analysis.
Large enterprises are going to develop along the supermarket direction. Concrete batching plant equipment enterprises are trying to produce all construction machinery products, especially Chinese ten tournaments of engineering machinery which now all start to involve concrete machinery. From 2010 to now, these enterprises have invested nearly 20 billion RMB.

The macro trend of concrete batching plant is: increase capital investment in concrete machinery. Enterprises will take enclosure and construction in first and second line cities and expand the production scale. Hire or even dig designing  ,production and marketing personnel from other concrete machinery factories.

Concrete machinery industry is an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, long industry chain, unique construction environment set of using equipment. Basic components such as the engine, chassis, hydraulic components, electrical components, transmission components and other related accessories that ensure production being low-carbon, green, energy efficient are the basis for the development of concrete machinery.

But because of higher output value and reasonable profit, many enterprises swarm into concrete batching plant equipments. They pay more attention to concrete mixer and neglect accessories, pay more attention to concrete mixer design and neglect research and development of concrete batching mixing plant. So there is little personalized concrete batching plants While patents, proprietary technology and business secret cannot get proper protection.

Besides, concrete batching plant enterprises lack of communication and coordination. Each enterprise develops their basic parts of concrete batching plant, so there is considerable repeat construction and enterprise fund cannot get effective using.

Concrete batching plant's pressing matter of the moment in China is concrete batching plant enterprises should communicate with each other and work together and make full use of fund to make a win-win solution.


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