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Comprehensive explanation of automated concrete mixing plant


 With the continuous development of urbanization and roads, concrete mixing plants also get a rapid expansion. Now, Chinese concrete batching plants present some common features: high degree of automation, high production capacity, good weighing accuracy, small investment and best mixing quality and so on. Here, we will analysis with its automation.

Many concrete companies started using the way of many hosts in parallel after 2002, and this enhanced production capacity, at the same time, it also ensured a spare and decreased the waiting time of concrete truck. Concrete batching plant control systems are mostly advanced and stable at present, and automatic degree is higher. They all can full-automatic, long-time and ceaseless process production. The operating deck and computer supervisory control of control room can visually reflect whole work flow and each part condition, such as cement storage of cement silo, aggregate storage of aggregate storage bin, aggregate convey and concrete discharging condition. Once some part has problems, it can be found in the shortest time and solve in time.
Control system basically uses two ways; one is double machine double controlled forms that the system is made up of two high performance industrial computers, one as main controlled production system, and the other as management and the monitoring system and as backup machine of main controlled production machine. It has manually and the automatically features as main controlled machine system, the data is shared between control machine and management machine, and when control machine appears fault, it can conversion to management machine work to ensure the system normal operation at the maximum limit. The other adopts industrial computers and batching control instrument, namely batching control instrument data input industrial computer through the board or PLC programmable logic controller output signal, thus ensuring the system normal operation. It can set up surveillance cameras in the key parts of the host discharge port and concrete batching machine.


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