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Excellent Mixing Performance and Measuring System of Concrete Mixing Plant


Twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer has advantages of strong mixing performance and high efficiency. It has a good mixing effect on the mixing of dry hard concrete, half dry hard concrete, plastic concrete and concrete of various proportion. Both lubrication system and transmission system of main shaft adopt the full set of imported component and the hydraulic opening mechanism can adjust the opening of discharging door according to requirements. The mixing shaft of mixing engine adopts anti-adhesion technology, which can effectively prevent cement solidifying on the mixing shaft. The shaft end sealing adopts multiple sealing structure, which can effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the continuous operation of the whole mixing system. The cleaning system adopts high pressure water pump automatic and manual control and every water outlet is on the right above of mixing main shaft, which can improve the efficiency of concrete mixing plant, increase the water mist, reduce the dust pollution and effectively eliminate cement agglomeration.

 Measuring system is the key component which affects the concrete quality and concrete production costs and it can be divided into aggregate weighing, material weighing and liquid weighing. Generally, concrete mixing plant that produces 20 cubic concrete per hour adopts accumulative weighing, but concrete mixing plant that produces 50 cubic concrete per hour adopts accumulative weighing mainly adopts independent weighing. All weighings are controlled by electronic scale and microcomputer.


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