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Cement tank mixing station cement warehouse


Cement tank mixing station cement warehouse
1, in the storage tank to the transport of cement in the process, the operator should not intermittently press the dust filter vibration motor button, shake off attached to the dust on the bag of cement, to prevent the bag, the occurrence of explosive warehouse.
2, once blocked bag, the warehouse pressure over the pressure of the safety valve pressure, pressure relief valve can open the pressure inside the release warehouse to prevent the occurrence of explosion warehouse accident.
3, through the level of material can be observed full and lack of material.
4, when the need to discharge, first open the bottom of the cone manual discharge valve, and then through the cement conveyor to transport the cement out. In the process of discharge, if there is "arch" phenomenon, it is timely press the broken arm device solenoid valve button, blowing, eliminating the "arch" for feeding, to ensure smooth supply of cement.


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